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Chopping off a teaspoon of salt is comparable to taking blood pressure medication

Determining the appropriate level of salt intake can be challenging, but chances are the quantity you're currently consuming is exceeding

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Germany’s defense minister announces additional assistance to Ukraine in its defense against Russia

German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius has committed to providing additional military support to Ukraine in its conflict with Russia, with

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In Belgium, gangs want their cocaine back

Belgium has recently found so much white powder that it is now dealing with a new issue: thieves are starting

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Ukraine’s accession to the EU hangs in the balance

Talks on Ukraine’s accession to the European Union haven’t started, but the bloc’s position on the issue isn’t unanimous. Some

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Dutch political leaders campaign on the final day before national election that will usher in new leader

Dutch political leaders engaged in a last-minute push to garner support from undecided voters in the frantic campaigning on Tuesday,

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Far-right populist party set for stunning victory in Dutch election

He has labeled Islam as a "backward religion," referred to the prophet Mohammad as a "pedophile," advocated for the ban

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